"Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

- John 14:6

There are moments in life when one can feel lost. In this chaotic world, it is difficult to navigate what is our path. The same can be said about our journey through our faith. Sometimes we can feel disorientated and it is hard to determine what the way to God is.

In the book of John, Jesus informed his disciples that when he returns, He will take them with Him to where he is. He told the disciples that they will know the way to the place of where He is going.

Thomas expressed his concerns. Not understanding, Thomas was honest and asked Jesus how he was supposed to follow the way to God if he is uncertain where Jesus is going, or which way he should go.

Jesus responded that the way to God, and the way to the place we should go, is through Him. In Jesus, we would find the truth and we would find our way. We will be able to find life through Jesus. Furthermore Jesus explained to the disciples that by seeing Him, they therefore also know the Father, for the Father is in Him and He is the Father. Such is the Holy Trinity.

Therefore, if we are looking for the truth, if we are looking for our way, or if we are looking for life--we only have to look to Jesus. Through Jesus, we shall find our Father in Heaven, our God, our Lord.

Reflection: Read John chapter 14 and reflect on what this means in terms of you finding your truth, your way, and your life such that it can lead you closer to God.


Listen to hymns, contemporary worship music or gospel music pm Calm Christian as you study today's devotional on Jesus the Way. We hope that this week's blog will help strengthen your faith and provide you with the knowledge that we will find truth and our path to God through Jesus.