He replied, “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.”

- Luke 8:21

As an only child, all my life I have wanted siblings to grow up with. Specifically, I wanted an older sister or brother to look up to, to lean on, to seek guidance, and to cheer for. Professionally, I have filled this void by looking for mentors to play the role of the older sibling. My work mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters have been instrumental in helping me in my career development and growth. They have been my fierce supporters and people I have come to depend on in difficult times.

Spiritually, the church family has played a significant role in my faith. I was and am able to mature in Christ through interactions with people in my small group bible studies, prayer groups, and people I am in fellowship with. With them, we pray together, worship together, ask questions together, and care for one another.

When we take a step back and look at the big picture, so much of what we worry about and what we toil is insignificant to the greater history. Upon reflecting this in my life, I realize there is a lot of truth to that. There have been many times in my life when I work hard on a project or towards a goal, only realizing that a few years after, I can barely remember that work or what I have achieved.

Yet, in reading the book of Ecclesiastes, I do not believe it is meant to be a book of discouragement. Instead, it highlights how death is a certainty for all individuals, so we should be present and live life fully with those around us. It sets our eyes on what is truly important by helping us understand how uncertain and fleeting life is.

In Luke, when Jesus's mother and brothers came to visit Him, someone in the crowd informed Jesus. Jesus responded that His mother and brothers are "those who hear God's word and put it into practice." (Luke 8:21). Jesus's family is not just blood relatives, but includes all of us who believe and follow God. As fellow Christians, we are more than people who share faith with one another. We refer to one another as brothers and sisters because we are a family in Christ. When we meet other Christians, even if we do not know them well, we are connected through our faith. It is like meeting family and we share a bond that is sacred. We can be grateful and celebratory that we have a big family in Christ.

Scripture is clear that God is love and in order for us to love God, we have to love our brothers and sisters. It is by loving our brothers and sisters that we can also love God.

Reflection: Read the book of Ecclesiastes in its entirety this week. Consider what is really important in the life you are living right now. Are you misplacing your values and priorities in life?


Who is your family in Christ? For this week's blog, let's review scripture in the book of Luke to help us learn to love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Accompany your quiet time study with music from Calm Christian Music channels with praise and worship music.