As a mother comforts her child,
so will I comfort you;
and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.

- Isaiah 66:13

There are many incredible mothers and examples of mother's joy and love to celebrate in scripture. For example, there was Jochebed, who defied the decrees in Egypt and kept Moses alive even if it meant heart-breakingly sending him away from her for his chance at life. She then found a way to raise him when Moses was rescued by the Pharaoh's daughter. There were mothers who waited years in hope for a child, like Sarah (Sarai) and Elizabeth and showed such joy when they became mothers. And of course, the most famous example in the bible is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who believed in God and supported Jesus throughout his life, being there for him till the very end, including his cruicifixion.

My favourite story that demonstrated mother's love, however, was in 1 Kings 3, in a narrative that demonstrated Solomon's wisdom. Two women had babies but one had died, and both then laid claims that the baby that was alive was theirs. Solomon then suggested that he cuts the baby in half as a test to see who is the true mother. One woman supported the outrageous notion, while the other pleaded that the baby be kept whole and alive, even if it meant giving up the baby to the other woman. That revealed quickly who the true mother was and helped Solomon make judgement such that the child can be united with the correct mother. The story exemplified the sacrifice that a mother is willing to make for the wellbeing of her child, even if it would cost her her future with her child.

A mother's love is so great, tangible, and relatable that in scripture, it was used as a means to help us understand God's love for us. As we approach mother's day then, let us remember the incredible love and sacrifice our mothers and mother-figures give for us. It is an opportunity for us to honour and thank them for all they have done for us.

Reflection: How can you honour your mother or mother figures in your life?


Let us explore mothers in scripture and their love for us as a means to better understand God's love for us. While you meditate in God's words, you can also listen to contemporary worship music, hymns, and gospel music available on Calm Christian Music.